Our Company

NEACH was first established in 1975 by Henry (Spud) Garbacz and his wife Liz. Spud, a Boilermaker by trade, primarily drove the business starting out with a panel van and trailer. Liz’s income as a teacher supplemented NEACH’s founding in the early years while the business established itself on the coast with its clients.

Spud is a larger than life character with a keen business eye that is backed by an unrelenting work ethic and a passion to enjoy the journey. This ethos permeated the NEACH culture and created an institution that has now spanned 40 years and been a favoured supplier to many builders, governments and companies. In addition, it has over this time become the employer of choice for tradespeople and professionals working in the industry.

Ryza Garbacz took over as Managing Director from Spud in 2011 passing the company batten into its second generation. Having a solid reputation to start with has allowed Ryza to propel NEACH into the modern construction environment building off Spud and Liz’s decades of hard work.

NEACH is now one of QLD’s longest running fabricators with an experienced team using the latest technologies. The culture of the team still holds the passion to enjoy the journey and build on a great story for the next generation to take forward.


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